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We want to make the world a better place. Thats why we are doing everything we can to infuse, ethics, integrity and creativity into our delicious, 100% NATURAL BEVERAGES.

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"Creating world changing beverages"
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Now it's time to get you involved! By working together and sharing our model, we can help give back to the world, one beverage at a time. And who knows, you might even become our next Beverage Star in the process! Start by suggesting a new flavor here.

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Giving Back

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Giving Back

At the Great America Beverage company, we believe that the need to improve health, provide education, and stop hunger are the three biggest problems plaguing our globe. Help us fix these problems by supporting our project, and we hope that we can all co-exist on a happier, healthier planet.

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Our Mission. Your Vision.

GAB wants to revolutionize the beverage industry.

By creating a product with both health and social benefits, GAB intends to do just that. We aim to become a cornerstone of success for all of our employees, distributors & partners worldwide by not just selling to consumers, but connecting with them as well. Our business is built upon three core values: ethics, integrity, and creativity. And with that foundation, we introduce you to a market that promotes global health by cultivating new relationships.

"Remember our product, Remember what it represents" -

About Great America Beverage

We are a group of educated, multi-cultural individuals with a unique view on life. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance in this world, and we want to make sure everyone receives it. What we are doing is providing you with a chance to give back. To relish in the satisfaction of paying your good luck forward. And by working together, we can provide those in need with greater opportunities to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

We believe the root of our world's greatest problems stem from lack of education, poor health, and growing hunger. It's easy to forget how prevalent these issues are when you don't experience them firsthand, but that doesn't mean we can't help. We ask that you please watch our video which shows destitute living conditions around the world, and consider our project as a step towards improving them.

We were thinking about you when we started this company. We wanted to find a fun way to do business, and we did! GAB recognizes the most important elements in life are true relationships with honest people. It was for that reason we decided to approach this venture with people in mind. We want you to remember our product, but we also want you to remember what it represents.

Combined knowledge and efforts fuel power for change so enjoy our tasty, heart healthy beverages and contribute to a greater good.

If you're interested in getting involved in this forward acting movement, please check out the following sections of our website: Build A Beverage & Giving Back.


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Please help us revolutionize the Beverage industry by creating Beverages that are not only healthier for you, but also provide innovative ways to create special connections with consumers by involving them in creating and consuming world changing products, helping others around the globe.

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